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Backlink adalah salah peranan penting untuk meningkatkan Domain Autority, dan hal ini sering sekali digunakan website-website besar untuk meningkatkan pencarian mereka

Di website kamu bisa memberikan baclinks situs kamu kepada kami dan kami akan memberikan link rekomendasi kami ke situs kamu.

Berikut ini adalah backlink yang memiliki berbagai keunggulannya


Backlink Domain Authority Di Atas 20

Domain Authority Checker tool allows you to check the DA score of a website. Just paste your desired website’s URL into the search box and press “Check Authority” button.

Website Url Anchor Teks DA PA Linking Domains Baca Berita Online Terkini 21 28 Yes Berita Santri Terkini 20 28 Yes Portal Berita Online Terpercaya 20 30 Yes Yayasan Nurul Jannah 17 21 Yes Technology News Today 53 38 Yes Portal Berita Seputar Kesehatan 21 32 Yes Developer Theme WordPress 35 52 10 % RakyatPos Network 55 40 Yes Resep Asli Indonesia 53 20 Yes Website Directory Software 21 33 Yes
Software Downloads Free Software Downloads 21 28 Yes

Backlink Domain Authority Dibawah 20

Website Url Anchor Teks DA PA Spam Score Situs Berita dan Sejarah 15 25 1 % Tutorial Komputer 13 28 4 % Blog Edukasi Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini 19 2 1 % Yayasan Nurul Jannah 15 34 5 % Penyingkat Url 19 36 18 % Jasa Desain Website Profesional 13 25 6 % 3 3 0 % UmatPos Network 8 16 Err Link 5 11 0 % Media Informasi Seputar Teknologi 13 34 2 % JSIT Indonesia 12 33 12 % Beritain News 11 25 Err Link Bung Anwar Team 7 9 3 % Free Backlink Directory 15 34 2 % 9 18 Yes 13 38 1 % Hosting Murah Unlimited 11 39 1 % Liputan Berita Terpercaya 13 35 1 % pagarindonesia 1 4 Verifikasi 5 6 Belum ada Link

Why need of domain authority checker?

If you wanted to feature on websites, say maybe to build backlinks, how would you know the most authoritative or reputable ones to target?

After all, there are over 1.8 billion websites on the Internet.

It turns out there is a rating system! Usually known as “MOZ Domain Authority”

All websites are not rated equal. Some pack more “respect and reputation” than others. Some are still trying to gain traction. Some have been online for years, steadily building their presence. Some only got registered this year.

This disparity that exists among websites gives rise to the need for a rating system, and it’s called (DA).

What is domain authority?

Site DA is a score [developed by] that hints on the “strength” and relevance of a website for a specific subject area or industry. It’s a logarithmic scale of points, typically ranging from zero to 100, which predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). The higher the number of points, the higher is a website’s DA.

Now, don’t confuse the Website’s name authority(Domain Authority) with page authority. They are different.

While Website DA tells us about the overall ranking potential of the entire domain or website, whereas the page authority (PA) is the ranking potential of a single web page.

Both require tools to check. And that’s where we introduced to check domain authority tool for you.

Domain authority checker tool by smallseotools

Smart marketers continually monitor and improve their website’s authority to build dominance and gain better rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs). They also keep an eye on their competitors’ site DA to know how to play their cards more intelligently.

Domain Authority Checker by is the best and most popular free tool on the web for checking the Moz DA of websites. Our free DA Checker tool is fun to use and will show you the accurate DA of any website.

It is built using heavily reliable platform and can quickly determine the strength of a specific URL and the likelihood for it to rank well in search engine results. Hence the best free domain authority checker. The complete guide to improving your domain authority.

Why choose our websites da checker?

Domain Authority Checker Tool by SmallSEOTools packs more brilliant features and benefits than most other DA Checker tools out there. Yet, you don’t have to pay a dime to use it.

Some digital marketers spend hundreds of dollars every year just so they can check their website Authority. But our tool is COMPLETELY FREE.

It’s fast, easy to use, and reliable. Some of the biggest names on the Internet use our free da authority checker tool every so often.

The beauty of this DA checker tool is that it does not stop at showing you just the DA score of a website. It shows you the website’s page authority, Moz Rank & also from the results you can lead finding backlinks domain rating and the website seo score for that specific website you searched. Providing you with the sum information which you might be wandering to search on different platforms.

Moreover, we have also facilitated our users that are looking for a tool that can find domain ratings for up to 5 sites at a time. Just try Bulk Domain Rating Checker Tool. It’s absolutely free as this was.

How to use our domain authority checker?

Using our website authority checker is pretty easy. You’ll just have to follow these simple steps:

Within a couple of seconds, our powerful engine will serve the results.

But this website authority checker tool goes beyond showing you just the DA of your sites. It also shows you page authority of that domain along with the Moz rank.

Furthermore, the next section will display the options from where you’ll lead to a more informative result i.e, backlinks, domain rating and website seo score.

What to do with the data (Results)?
So after checking the domain authority of your website or that of a competitor, what should you do with the data?

Well, here’s a few ways to use the information:

  • Use it to determine the position of your website when comparing with similar websites in your industry
  • Use it to check whether or not your marketing efforts are paying off
  • Use it to determine how competitors are stacking up (see who is who in your niche!) so you know how to position your brand to win
  • Use it to do a more effective SEO
  • Use it to find good da authority websites in your niche to know where to go for quality backlinks using strategies like guest blogging.

Factors that influence domain authority

Must be conscious about how is DA calculated? There are over 100 factors that Moz uses to compute the domain authority of a website. Here are some of them:

  • Referring root domains.
  • The number of backlinks pointing to the website.
  • Quality of the links.
  • Site volume (how much content is contained in the site).
  • Age of domain (that is, when it first went live on Google, not when the domain name was first registered).
  • Amount of social signals.
  • Quality of overall site content.
  • Website speed.
  • Moz trust (Moz trust is usually computed by Moz and it grows with time).

Tips to improve your website’s domain authority

The key to improving your site DA is to focus on improving the factors that influence the DA itself. As we have discussed earlier.

For one, you will need to create quality backlinks. Links from other websites are like votes; the more votes a website receives, the higher that website’s DA.

Pro Tip: You can use our backlink checker tool to have an eye on the backlink profile of your domain.

We’ve also seen that quality content is one of the factors that influence DA. So to improve the web authority score of your website, you should definitely be working on providing content that is relevant, unique, and high quality.

In short, work on improving ALL the factors listed above.

NEXT STEP: Go back up and enter the URL for which domain authority you’d like to check.

Perbaruan Kebijakan
Mulai terhitung pada tanggal 1 Januari Tahun 2023 hanya menerima baclink dengan domain authority (DA) rata-rata diatas 20 dan Spam Score di bawah angka 15 %.

Jika ada link yang belum mengarah pada situs anda, Silahkan hubungi kami pada halaman Contact kami.