How to Fix Internal Server Error 732 with Ease!

Assalamualikum, Friends of #Bacanews Wherever you are, this time I will discuss some important things for the survival of your website in the future. Please see the article below.

Your website suddenly becomes inaccessible and an internal server error 732 notification appears? After checking the status of the server condition, it turns out that the server is in normal condition. So, what exactly and why does this error occur?

Relax, you will find the answer in this article. We will also explain how to solve internal server error 732 so that your website can be normal again. Are you curious? Come on, see the discussion below!

What is Internal Server Error 732?

Internal Server Error 732

Internal server error 732 is an error that occurs due to a problem with your ISP (internet Service Provider) or internet provider. The error actually has nothing to do with the website server. Because, in general, the HTTP error code for the internal server error is 500, not 732.

This internet provider problem can be caused by interference with the provider, inappropriate network settings, or blocking access to certain servers.

Then how do you solve this error? You don’t need to worry too much, because we will discuss it in the next chapter.

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How to Overcome Internal Server Error 732

Here’s how to solve the internal server error 732 that you can try!

1. Refresh repeatedly

How to Overcome Internal Server Error 732 by Refreshing Several Times

If you get an internal server error 732 notification, the first step you can try to do is refresh the page several times.

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Because, it’s possible that your internet provider’s network connection has been experiencing an error for a while. So that when refreshed and waiting for a while, the website can be accessed normally again.

2. Restart Internet Connection

How to Overcome Internal Server Error 732 by Restarting Internet Connection

Another way to deal with internal server error 732 is to restart your internet connection. This step is taken to make the internet connection more stable.

Suppose you are using a modem, please restart the modem first. If you are using a wifi or cellular internet connection, you can disconnect and then reconnect to the network.

3. Using External DNS

Sometimes internet providers don’t provide fast DNS (domain name servers). So that the internet connection becomes slow and could be one of the causes for the internal server error 732.

For that, try changing the DNS provided by your internet provider with an external DNS, for example Google DNS or open DNS.

Here’s how to change DNS in Windows:

  1. Right-click the network icon on the toolbar, then select Open Network and Sharing Center
  2. select Change Adapter Settings
  3. Right-click on the connection you want to change the DNS server for, then click Property
How to set external DNS in Windows
  1. After the Properties tab appears, select it Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4), then click Property
  2. In that section Use the following DNS server addresses enter the Google DNS IP, that is and
Replacing the ISP DNS with Google DNS

After that, try to access your website again. How? Did this fix your problem?

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4. Using a Temporary VPN Connection

Using a temporary VPN connection

Internal server error 732 can occur due to your internet provider blocking access to foreign servers. So, if your website server uses a foreign server, this error can occur.

Well, the solution is you can try using a VPN (virtual private network) connection for a while. VPN is a connection service that is done by changing the server connection path. Simply put, a VPN connection is like accessing the internet using a special road, not the main network.

With a VPN, you can use certain countries’ internet networks to access foreign servers.

To use a VPN, you can install the VPN application first. There are many VPN applications for PC that you can use, for example VPN Tunnelbear, Psiphon,, and others.

So, after using a VPN, has your problem been resolved? If it has been resolved, it means that your internet provider is blocking server access to foreign countries. If not, you need to check if there are problems with your hosting server.

5. Contact the Hosting Provider Support Team

Contact the Hosting Provider Support Team

To make sure and check whether there are problems with the website server, you can contact your hosting provider’s customer service.

Usually trusted hosting support services, such as Niagahoster, provide 24-hour support, either via chat, email and telephone.

They will help you solve problems with your website. If there is an error on the website server, they can certainly solve the problem. However, if the problem is not related to the server, you need to get help from your internet provider.

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6. Contact your Internet Provider

Contact an Internet Customer Service Provider

If all the steps above haven’t resolved the error, try contacting the internet provider you are using.

You can contact the help services available. Indihome, for example, provides chat, call center and email services.

Then explain that the website cannot be accessed using the internet provider that you are using. That way, your internet provider can provide the right solution.

Resolve Internal Server Error 732 Immediately!

Internal server error 732 is an error caused by your ISP or internet provider. This error is not an error from the server side of your website.

Errors can occur due to ISP network disruptions, network settings, and blocking access to certain servers.

Now, for how to fix this, you can try the steps mentioned above:

  1. Refresh the page repeatedly
  2. Restart internet connection
  3. Using external DNS
  4. Use the VPN connection for a while
  5. Contact the hosting service provider support
  6. Contact your internet provider

Immediately fix the internal server error 732 so that your website can be accessed again. Anyway, if you experience other website errors, you can find ways to fix them in the following article → 40+ WordPress Errors and How to Overcome Them

Hopefully this tutorial can help solve the error problem you are experiencing.

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How to Fix Internal Server Error 732 with Ease!

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