6+ Ways to Overcome the 509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded Error

Assalamualikum, Friends of #Bacanews Wherever you are, this time I will discuss some important things for the survival of your website in the future. Please see the article below.

Is your website suddenly showing a white screen that reads: Error 509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded? Wow, why? Relax, no need to panic because you’ve found the right article.

In this article, we will review the 509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded error in depth. Starting from the understanding, causes, and how to overcome the Bandwidth Limit Exceeded. Are you curious? Come on, read more!

What is Exceeded Bandwidth Limit Error and Its Causes?

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded is an error message that appears when the bandwidth usage on your website exceeds the limit given by the hosting provider.

Examples of bandwidth limits exceeded
Image source: brunocunha

Bandwidth itself is the maximum data exchange that your website can accept at one time.

To find out the amount of bandwidth provided by your hosting service, check the bandwidth usage through cPanel. After logging in, take a look at the section Statistics as follows:

how to check the bandwidth in cpanel to know if the Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

If the bandwidth usage on your cPanel is significantly exceeded, the Bandwidth Limit Exceeded error will appear. This is caused by various things, namely:

  • Traffic Too High When there is a traffic spike on your website, the Bandwidth Limit Exceeded error can appear due to a data exchange that far exceeds the specified bandwidth limit.
  • Image That Is Not Optimized – The larger the image size on your website, the greater the bandwidth allocation for displaying it. As a result, your bandwidth is quickly reduced.
  • Using Too Many Plugins – Too many plugins can also make bandwidth used up quickly. Because, there are many plugins features and functions that must be loaded when visitors open your website.
  • Using a Heavy Theme – Themes with a myriad of features, such as animations, carousels, sliders, widgets, result in greater bandwidth requirements for page loading, so with limited bandwidth, they may cause errors.
  • Large Website Setup Files —There are tens to hundreds of setup files such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, and the like on your website. If not compressed in size, hundreds of these files can also eat up your bandwidth.
  • Your Bandwidth is Stolen (Hotlinking) – Your bandwidth will be drained quickly if you become a victim of Hotlinking. Because, there are other websites that use your image or video assets via a link that retrieves data from your hosting server.
  • Hosting Packages That Do Not Fit Your Needs – If you choose a hosting with limited bandwidth while your bandwidth needs are high, then you will certainly encounter the Bandwidth Limit Exceeded error often.
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Then, how do you overcome these bandwidth constraints?

6+ Ways to Overcome the Exceeded Bandwidth Limit Error

Here are seven ways to solve the 509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded error on your website:

  1. Optimization of Your Image
  2. Remove Unused Plugins
  3. Use a Light and Optimized Theme
  4. Compress Your Website Files
  5. Prevent Hotlinking on Your Website
  6. Use a Content Delivery Network
  7. Use Hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth

Intrigued by the explanation of the methods above? Come on, see the full discussion below.

1. Optimization of Your Image

Image optimization is able to reduce bandwidth usage quite significantly, so it will prevent you from Bandwidth Limit Exceeded errors. Especially, if your website uses a lot of images. There are several ways you can try image optimization, namely:

  • Compress Image
    Image compress aims to shrink the file size without any loss of quality. This is important to save bandwidth while maintaining the satisfaction of your visitors.the difference in compressed JPEG images

    The example above shows two images that are of the same quality, but have very different file sizes.You can compress images for free using tools like TinyPNG or iLoveIMG. In addition, for WordPress users, you can also compress images automatically by installing the Smush or Shortpixel plugin.

  • Use the Webp Image Format
    The WebP image format lets you have high-quality images at a smaller size than JPEG or PNG. Therefore, using WebP can be a solution to the Bandwidth Limit Exceeded error on websites with lots of images.

    So, if you use a lot of image assets in the form of PNG or JPEG, to convert them into WebP, you can install the ShortPixel plugin, Imagine, and Optimole.

  • Resize images
    The bigger the image dimensions, the bigger the size. Therefore, image resizing can also be done so that the Bandwidth Limit Exceeded does not occur. Some of the tools that can be used to resize images for free are iLoveIMG or
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2. Remove Unused Plugins

The plugins on your website are quite helpful in adding special functions. But, that doesn’t mean you can install multiple plugins at once.

We recommend that you only use mandatory plugins as needed and uninstall plugins that are not needed. That way, the bandwidth usage of the plugins on your website will be reduced and you can avoid the Bandwidth Limit Exceeded error.

3. Use a Light and Optimized Theme

A lightweight website theme can save your bandwidth so it is effective in overcoming the Bandwidth Limit Exceeded.

Eits, a light theme doesn’t mean it’s bad and has limited features, you know. There are many choices of free lightweight themes with a quality that deserves thumbs up, really. Some of them are OceanWP, Astra, Neve and ColorMag.

For a complete list of the best free lightweight themes, you can check the article → 10+ Best Free SEO Friendly WordPress Themes in 2021

4. Compress Your Website Files

Apart from images, various files on your website also need to be compressed so as not to cause Bandwidth Limit Exceeded. How, by using various tools such as GZIP and Brotli.

With these compression tools, you can shrink the size of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SVG files on your website. As a result, your website bandwidth usage will be more efficient.

Interestingly, some hosting services provide easy file compression on the website. One of them, Niagahoster.

All Niagahoster hosting packages already use LiteSpeed ​​Server that supports Brotli. So, your website will be more optimized thanks to Brotli’s automatic compression technique.

brotli Niagahoster which can prevent the bandwidth limit exceeded

5. Prevent Hotlinking on Your Website

Hotlinking can eat up your bandwidth very quickly. Because, there are other parties who use your assets and bandwidth for their websites. Just imagine if it was a website with lots of visitors. Your bandwidth can come up short, right?

Fortunately, you can prevent hotlinking very easily, so you can avoid the 509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded error. How to?

You can access the hotlink protection menu in your cPanel and activate it. That way, your assets and bandwidth can’t be used by others without your knowledge.

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6. Use a Content Delivery Network

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of servers spread across various points around the world. A CDN is capable of caching various files from your hosting server, then displaying what the user requests from the nearest CDN server.

As a result, your hosting server’s bandwidth load will certainly be reduced drastically because every request is unnecessary from the main server. Plus, the speed of your website will also increase because visitor requests are served by the server closest to the visitor. Win-win solutionright?

One of the most well-known CDN services is Cloudflare. Besides speeding, Cloudflare is also able to increase website security, you know.

7. Use Hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth

Finally, the way to overcome the Bandwidth Limit Exceeded is to choose a hosting service that offers unlimited bandwidth such as Niagahoster.

Interestingly, you can even enjoy unlimited Niagahoster hosting services at quite affordable prices. Starting from IDR 27ribu / month only!

Even then, it still adds various features such as security with Imunify360 for malware protection, servers LiteSpeed so that the website can be accessed quickly, and customer service is available 24 hours if you need help!

It’s affordable, full-featured, no longer worrying about running out of bandwidth, it’s quite interesting, right?

Fix Your Overbearing Bandwidth Error Now!

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded error can be an obstacle for you to manage your website properly. Fortunately, you can fix this by applying the various methods that we have provided above. Starting from compressing images to removing unneeded plugins.

However, there is actually a way that is quite fast and easy, namely by using a Niagahoster hosting service that offers unlimited bandwidth. So, you don’t have to worry anymore about running out of bandwidth and getting errors.

I hope this article is useful. If you are having trouble applying the method of overcoming the 509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded error above, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. See you in the next article!

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6+ Ways to Overcome the 509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded Error

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