Wuling and Forwot Donated to 100 Orphans

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JAKARTA – Wuling Motors (Wuling) collaborated with the Indonesian Automotive Journalists Forum (FORWOT) to distribute donations in the form of 100 basic food packages to the SMA 50 Jakarta Foundation and the Saung Bambu Depok Taklim Council, last Thursday (5/5). In this activity entitled Ramadhan Care 2021, Wuling made a symbolic handover to FORWOT at Madani Restaurant, East Jakarta.

“On this occasion we collaborate with FORWOT to realize the 2021 Ramadhan Care activities. We really appreciate this activity to share with others in this blessed month. We hope that the SMA 50 Jakarta Foundation and the Saung Bambu Depok Taklim Council can benefit from the donations given to ease the burden during the pandemic, “said Brian Gomgom Simbolon, Media Relations of Wuling Motors.

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In submitting the donation, the new Wuling Confero S and Wuling Almaz RS helped distribute donations for the 2021 Ramadan Care activities.

Indra Prabowo as Chairman of the Indonesian Automotive Journalists Forum also expressed his warm welcome to the donation activity carried out with Wuling. “Thank you for Wuling’s initiative to carry out Ramadhan Care 2021 with FORWOT. This year’s Ramadhan also coincides with FORWOT’s 18th Anniversary and at every celebration we always hold sharing activities to the community as a sign of our gratitude. This time, FORWOT together with Wuling gave some of our sustenance to orphaned children in need. Hopefully the donations given can be useful and bring goodness to all. “

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Regarding the details of the event, the donations were symbolically handed over by representatives of Wuling and FORWOT to 10 orphans from the SMA 50 Jakarta Foundation, then continued with a Kultum, and closed with a brief hospitality. Later, 50 basic food packages will be distributed to the SMA 50 Jakarta Foundation and the other 50 packages are intended for the Saung Bambu Depok Taklim Council, bringing the total donation to 100 basic food packages.

As additional information, Ramadhan Care is a series of activities initiated by Wuling and collaborating with his partners in this fasting month as a form of concern for those in need. ##

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