Want a Car Rental Business? Here are the Tips to Get Started

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In today’s era, transportation has become an important thing in this country. This makes many people to take advantage of this fact. One of them is a car rental business that will not die, especially in Indonesia. From recreational cars to cars for business or personal use, cars are now the main vehicle for Indonesians.

In addition, with this opportunity the community is also helped from an economic perspective. Those with driving skills can easily become car drivers or online motorcycle taxis. Of course it really helps reduce the unemployment rate in our country.

This is also a great opportunity for car rental entrepreneurs. Well, for those of you who want to start a car rental business that will never die, of course, with a capital that is not too large, you can refer to the following tips.

car rental business

Choose the Most Wanted or Interested Car

If you choose this car rental business, of course you must have a car for rent. However, before buying a car you need to sort out which cars are now in high demand or in demand in the area where you live or the area where you will open your car rental office.

Usually people will tend to rent a car that can carry a lot of people and most importantly fuel efficient. Usually something like Gran Max, Xenia, Innova, Avanza, or something else that can accommodate a large enough number of people.

After you determine the type of car you will buy, you can immediately determine the rental price for the car. Of course, taking into account the brand of the car and also the needs.

Avoid Buying Used Cars

Used or second-hand cars are usually known to be cheaper. But to be applied to this business is not suitable. Because, by choosing a new car and the latest model will make your business more value in the eyes of your customers.

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Moreover, it makes your customers feel safe and comfortable. Another benefit of choosing a new car is that it saves on car maintenance. Because used or second-hand car engines sometimes have a lot of repairs and will often go in and out of the workshop.

Buy a Car With Credit

Sometimes businesses have the biggest inhibiting factor, which is none other than capital. Yes, capital is sometimes the main reason why someone delays starting a business or wants to expand their business. In this car rental business, those of you who are constrained by costs in particular can do this one tip or method. That is by way of credit.

For the installment fee, you can take the income from a portion of the car rental proceeds. That way, of course, you will not feel burdened by the installments that you have to pay every month.

However, if you have sufficient capital there is nothing wrong with buying a new car. Instead, it will keep you from taking risks. Because as we know that business sometimes experiences ups and downs or ups and downs, so we must also be prepared with every risk. If you buy a car with cash then at least it can reduce your burden.

Set Regulation

In the car rental business, regulation is very important. The risks that arise from leasing sometimes even happen often, even sometimes the biggest risk is that you lose your car. Well, to avoid that, try applying the following regulatory tips;

  • Implement a letter of agreement before leasing. If necessary, use material
  • Withhold important cards such as ID cards during the rental
  • Provide a form regarding the car renter’s personal data
  • Install a GPS tracking device in your car. So that you can always monitor easily where your car is used so as to minimize unwanted actions.
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Registering the Car with the Insurance Party

In this business, one of the risks that is often experienced is asset risk. In this car rental business, assets include your car and your car driver. Insure your business assets if at any time there is an action beyond the limits of our ability and knowledge, for example a traffic accident, damage, or even loss. In essence, all the risks that can make you lose and hinder your car rental business.

If you are still confused by the problem of small capital. You don’t need to worry because at this time some insurances apply a small premium or a system of cooperation with business entities. So, you don’t have to worry about big premiums to register insurance on your car rental business assets.

Set a Marketing Strategy

After taking care of your asset insurance, what is no less important to note is to set a marketing strategy in your rental business. The marketing strategy itself includes various things such as who your rental target is and also the people who will help you in doing business.

The place where you will rent your car is also important, you must find a strategic and easy-to-reach place. And the third is price, how much you will charge your car renters.

As a marketing strategy you can also hold occasional promos or discounts to attract people’s interest and friendly service also needs to be considered so that people are comfortable when negotiating with you when they are going to rent. This business strategy can also measure how effective your rental business is.

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For marketing strategies with small capital, usually using simple promotional media, such as through social media, networking or others that don’t cost money, even if you have to spend your money, it’s not too big.

When it feels like your business is starting to grow, you can start collaborating with companies that need personal transportation services or with fellow car rental businesses. You can also register your car rental business as an online taxi partner or something else, so that your profit continues to increase.

Managing Finances Well

The last thing that you really need to pay attention to in the car rental business is to manage your business finances well. This should not be underestimated because it can interfere with other activities.

You have to be good at managing transactions on every rental, profit and loss is also an important thing so you can easily determine or make decisions regarding your car rental business in the future.

If you feel you don’t understand or feel overwhelmed in managing finances, you can hire the services of a consultant or software that can make it easier for you to manage your finances.

With financial software you only need to record all business transactions into the system and later the financial software will automatically provide accurate and real time data regarding the financial condition of your business. Surely you will find it very helpful with this.

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So, those are some tips for those of you who are just starting a car rental business. May be useful.

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