Reducing DNS Propagation with DOH (DNS-over-HTTPS) in Firefox Browser [Terbaru]


Assalamualikum, Friends of #Bacanews Wherever you are, this time I will discuss some important things for the survival of your website in the future. Please see the article below.

When you just bought a domain, it won’t be accessible immediately. But, don’t worry. It’s just a matter of DNS propagation, really.

DNS propagation is a waiting period for the introduction of DNS to an ISP (Internet Service Provider) for a domain. Generally, this period lasts from 24 hours to 72 hours, depending on the ISP you are using.

Then, can the propagation period be accelerated?

Well, in this article we will explain about how to speed up DNS propagation with DOH (DNS over HTTPS) Firefox. The goal, so that the domain can be accessed immediately without waiting up to 72 hours. Come on, see the explanation!

Steps to Accelerate DNS Propagation with DOH

Here are the steps you need to take to reduce DNS propagation with DNS-over-HTTPS in Firefox:

  1. Click the menu button in the right corner, then select Selection

  2. Scroll until you find the menu Network settings, then click Settings.

  3. Tick DNS over HTTPS at the bottom for activating DNS over HTTPS Firefox. Then, choose Cloudflare. If so, click good.

We recommend that, if your ISP already recognizes your domain DNS, you turn off DNS over HTTPS Firefox so that you are not suspected of being a malware website. You can do this by unchecking Enable DNS over HTTPS in step number three.


This is how to reduce DNS propagation with DOH in the Firefox browser. Very easy, right? Even though the propagation period will still exist, at least this way you don’t have to wait until the maximum time specified.

Hopefully this article useful for you. Don’t hesitate to ask in the comments column if you still have questions, OK!

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Reducing DNS Propagation with DOH (DNS-over-HTTPS) in Firefox Browser [Terbaru]

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