Laundry Business? Know the Strengths and Weaknesses Before You Start Plunging into It

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In recent years, the laundry business is in great demand and can be said to be mushrooming. Because of the ease of this business which does not require you to have many skills. Therefore, there are a lot of novice entrepreneurs who start a laundry business. But what exactly is a laundry business? Check out the following reviews.

Laundry business is a service that provides or offers customers to wash their dirty clothes. The goods also vary from clothes, shoes, bags, blankets, dolls, carpets, or others. This laundry business brings quite a lot of profit to the business people of this laundry business.


The scale of this business also varies, from a simple home laundry business to a laundry business that requires thoroughness and careful planning. However, if you want to open a laundry business but are limited due to capital factors, you don’t need to worry because you can start this laundry business from home.

The types of laundry themselves vary from conventional laundry, kilo, express, or others. Surely you’ve come across one of them right? However, in addition to the types of laundry that already exist, now there is also a new type of laundry, namely the coin laundry type.

If you are interested in opening this laundry business, you must know the advantages and disadvantages of this one home-based business.

Laundry Business Weaknesses Usaha

The weakness of this business is because this business is a simple home-based business, so everyone can do it. No wonder this business competition is quite tight and fierce. Starting from the price war until you have to make your laundry business have added value in front of your service users so that your laundry business can be different from the others.

In addition, if your business is still classified as a simple home-based business and has not used a special washing machine and dryer, maybe these things will hinder your laundry business from a weather perspective. Sometimes erratic or unfriendly weather makes your laundry process hampered.

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Another thing you need to think about is also in terms of space. You have to take into account in terms of space. The reason is, this laundry business requires quite a large room because it can accommodate fairly large machines such as washing machines, dryers, drying areas, ironing boards, and even packing areas.

Advantages of Laundry Business

But you don’t have to worry about various things about the lack of a laundry business. In addition to the disadvantages, this laundry business also has many advantages.

This laundry business is needed by many people, so it is not surprising that many are looking for it. In addition, this laundry business does not require you to have high skills or a history of high education. Anyone can run this business, learn it as long as it is consistent, of course you will still be able to reap profits.

Not only these two advantages, you can start this business just from home. Especially if you have unused space in your house, of course you can use it to open this business so you don’t need to rent a place again.

If you have fully understood the meaning and advantages and disadvantages of this laundry business, now try to apply some tips to starting this laundry business.

Tips for Starting a Home Laundry Business with Promising Results

1. Laundry Kiloan

In recent years, the kilogram laundry business has become one of the most popular businesses. Where as far as the eye can see, there are many rows of kilogram laundry businesses that we can find around housing and even settlements in small villages.

This business can indeed be said to be promising. Especially if you open this business in an area close to campus or office areas. Certainly will increase the number of people who will use your services.

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There is no need to worry about capital issues. Because this kilogram laundry business does not require much capital. You only need to prepare funds of approximately 4 million, you can immediately open a kilogram laundry business.

With a capital of 4 million, you can buy a standard washing machine, dryer, iron, scales, detergent and fragrance as well as various equipment such as buckets, clotheslines and clothes hangers or other tools that are useful for your laundry business.

However, you also still have to take into account the machine, electricity and water costs. Likewise the calculation of employees if you use employees to assist you in running this business. But it all comes back to you. If you can handle everything yourself it will save more expenses.

2. Coin Laundry

Now hard coin laundry services are getting popular again. Maybe in the last few days you have found this kind of coin laundry service entrepreneur in Europe, America, Australia, and several other Asian regions. This type of laundry has several advantages.

Because this coin laundry applies privacy for its customers because their clothes are not touched by laundry workers or other customers. The washing process is also fairly fast because it only takes 1 to 2 hours. So that this can make customers can immediately know the process while waiting.

The price can be categorized as cheap considering the fast processing time. Customers do not need to pay for the services of employees to wash them. While waiting, customers can socialize with other customers so that the washing experience can be more enjoyable.

As an entrepreneur, you also get several benefits. One of them is the laundry business that you run, of course, there will be minimal workers. You certainly don’t have to bother making a place for drying, packaging and even storing clothes and the risk of complaints is a little because this coin laundry uses a self service system.

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However, to start this coin laundry business, you have to spend quite a bit of around 200 million. With a capital of 200 million you can build a coin laundry business by getting 3 laundry machines with a capacity of 6 kg for 50 million. To start, you need to prepare a place of business with 1 to 2 employees, a washing machine, and various other equipment.

We recommend that you choose a washing machine with a capacity and budget that suits your shopping. When everything feels ready, it’s time you start setting prices. If you’ve set your rates now you can continue marketing.

There are various forms of marketing, you can use banners, brochures that are distributed to the surrounding environment or take advantage of the social media you have. If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to be complicated, you can use a franchise that has a clear calculation.

3. Shoe Laundry

Recently, a number of millennials have taken up a new hobby, namely collecting shoes. In fact, as many people collect shoes, this shoe laundry service is quite popular.

This shoe laundry business does not require large capital like other laundry businesses. So, if you want to open a home-based business with small capital, you can use a shoe laundry business as a reference.

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So, which laundry business are you interested in? Maybe you can start thinking about it now after reading some of the reviews above.

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