Kebab and Burger Business? Get to know some of the important things below

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Businessmen are competing with each other to find unique food business innovations but of course they must be accepted by the community, and the business community so that they can develop rapidly. In Indonesia itself, there are many food innovations that have become a topic of discussion, namely kebabs and burgers.

For those of you who may be interested in this one business, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of this burger and kebab business.

The Advantages of the Kebab and Burger Business

A food that can become a trend at a time. Of course this cannot be separated from the role of young people today. Yes, of course, the biggest consumers of new food innovations are young people. Because young people will always be interested in things that are new and look contemporary. Therefore, when young people are faced with food that looks like it’s just starting to be marketed, they will surely try to try it.

Kebab and Burger Business

Burgers and kebabs are no exception. Burger, which is a food that comes from abroad, has become a trend in itself among young people. Often we find burgers used as a menu in restaurants.

Same thing with kebabs. This food that comes from Turkey, makes someone curious and want to feel the taste. Moreover, this food from Turkey is very famous for its halalness and for taste, Indonesian people no longer need to adapt to the new taste.

We have often encountered burgers and kebabs in small roadside carts, of course this makes it easy for buyers to get halal food from Turkey. You don’t have to eat at the place directly, you can immediately take your order home and you can enjoy it anywhere you want.

Well, this is where you can find out about the burger and kebab business opportunity. Because people already know a lot about burgers and kebabs. This is one of your reasons for growing your business when you choose this business.

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Disadvantages of Burger and Kebab Business

As mentioned above, these burgers and kebabs are contemporary foods that are currently popular among young people. Of course, this business makes many people want to open a burger and kebab business. Therefore, burger and kebab outlets are mushrooming, and competition is inevitable.

If you don’t provide innovation or a different touch, so that your burger and kebab business is different from others, then buyers will think that your burger and kebab business is the same as other kebab outlets.

Because a trend can immediately lose its fame after some time, then there will definitely be a time when burgers and kebabs become common and common food among the people. When new foods and innovations are created, burgers and kebabs will certainly be lost to the times.

Maybe some of the reasons above can be one of the shortcomings of the burger and kebab business.

However, you don’t have to worry about the drawbacks of the burger and kebab business because once you have regular customers, they will always sell your business. Starting from one outlet that sells burgers and kebabs, with perseverance and tenacity you can make a burger and kebab business you can open many outlets in other big cities in Indonesia.

For that, some of these tips you might be able to apply in your burger and kebab business. You don’t have to get carried away trend food so you switch your business. Because you need to know this business can run longer than you think. If you hit the burger and kebab business you can outlast the rest and become the oldest of them all.

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Another thing that you need to also pay attention to is the business marketing that you apply, like you can start promoting your business on social media. Because social media is very easy to reach by all people. Being active on social media and also interacting with potential buyers will certainly help your business a lot. You can also hold interesting events at certain times.

Apart from that, you can also work with food delivery apps that many people use. That way, your burgers and kebabs are more accessible to shoppers. You also have to consider what price you will apply for each burger and kebab menu at your outlet.

Even though what you are selling is a trending food, if the price is difficult or cannot be reached by the public, they may prefer other foods that are cheaper and more affordable.

For a suitable location for your burger and kebab business, you can choose places that are crowded and visited by many people. Like in front of Indomart or Alfamart by paying rent. If you mind renting a place, you can sell on the side of the road as long as it doesn’t disturb road users and always maintains cleanliness.

Meanwhile you also need to understand or know what items you need to start a burger and kebab business. Because equipment is an important part of the business. Without equipment you will find it difficult to produce or cook burgers and kebabs. The main thing you must have a cart.

Even now, you can design the cart or make it cooler with accented pictures or something else so that when buyers see the cart first, they will immediately be curious and feel interested in the products you sell.

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On the cart, you can also add a menu sticker as well as a price, it will add a plus value in the eyes of buyers. Then the most important part that you should not forget is the stove and grill pan. Without a stove and a grill pan, of course, you can’t cook.

Therefore, you must prepare for it. The stove you use can be a stove that contains 1 or 2. To save because you are just starting a business, you can use 1 stove first. After a lot of orders, you can install 2 stoves at once to make cooking faster so customers don’t have to wait too long. Because whether or not you are long serving buyers will greatly affect them.

Then you can prepare other things as supports such as spatulas, bottles for sauce and mayonnaise, brushes for smearing margarine on pans, knives, aprons, mica or wrapping paper and staples. If you have excess capital, you can print mica or wrapping paper with your business name to make it look attractive and look more classy.

Well, while specifically for the kebab business, in order to run optimally, of course you must have a supporting machine on this one. The kebab machine is a machine that will facilitate your business in the production section of course.

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Where you can use this kebab machine to process ingredients into kebabs with easy and fast steps. If all this time, making kebabs is still the manual way, but now it looks more modern with the presence of a kebab machine. If you are interested you can try it.

Hopefully the above reviews can help smoothen and be a consideration in your starting a burger and kebab business.

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