How to Use Dropbox and Its Benefits to Backup a Website

Assalamualikum, Friends of #Bacanews Wherever you are, this time I will discuss some important things for the survival of your website in the future. Please see the article below.

Prepare an umbrella before it rains. Maybe you remember the saying. This principle is also important to apply in website management before problems occur that cause data loss.

For that, you need to do periodic backups. Don’t know how? In this article, we will explain how to use Dropbox to automatically backup your WordPress site.

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is an online storage service. Its use is not much different from File Explorer on your computer. The difference is, you can access files that have been uploaded to Dropbox accounts on different devices via the application.

Dropbox has a free and a paid version. The free version provides 2GB quota which is sufficient to store backups of small websites.

If your site requires more storage, a paid version of Dropbox with a 2TB quota is available for $ 9.99 per year.

How to use Dropbox is not difficult. In the next section, you will be guided to learn how to use Dropbox.

How to Use Dropbox

The requirement to use Dropbox is to create an account first. To do this, access the site and enter your name, email address and password. Then, tick the checkbox below the form and click List.

Create a Dropbox account

Second, You will be asked to select an account type. To select free Dropbox, click the text pointed to by the arrow in the following image.

Choose a free Dropbox account

Third, You need to download Dropbox offline and install the Dropbox application on your device. Click the download button on the next page to start downloading.

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Dropbox download button

Once the Dropbox installer has been downloaded, install Dropbox and wait for the process to complete. If the application is already installed, the window below will appear. Click Open my Dropbox folder to go to the next step.

Message when the Dropbox installation is complete

On Windows computers, the Dropbox application is integrated in the form of a directory. You can find this directory via File Explorer.

Access Dropbox in Windows file explorer

Therefore, you just need to drag files or folders to that directory if you want to save them in your Dropbox account. If you want to retrieve files stored on your account from another device, you can simply copy them to your computer.

Apart from storing files via a computer application, Dropbox storage can also be accessed via the website.

Access Dropbox in a browser

Dropbox is well known as a file storage service. However, not many people know that Dropbox can be used to backup WordPress sites. To do this, you will need to install a plugin. We’ll explain how in the next section.

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How to Backup WordPress to Dropbox

The solution to backup WordPress to Dropbox is to install a plugin Reserve keeper. After the plugin is installed and activated, follow the steps below to configure it. First, click the menu on the Dashboard and click Cloud.

Cloud menu in the BackupGuard plugin

Second, click the button designated in the image below to integrate your Dropbox account with Backup Guard.

Button to integrate the BackupGuard plugin

By doing the steps above, you will be taken to the Dropbox authentication page. Click Allow to confirm Dropbox integration with Backup Guard.

Enable BackupGuard integration

Now, you can back up WordPress with Dropbox. To create your first backup, go to the Backup Guard Dashboard again and click Reserve.

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Backup button in the BackupGuard plugin

In the pop-up that appears, enter a name for the backup and check the checkbox Upload to cloud so that your backups are also stored in your Dropbox account. Click Reserve to start the process.

Choice of BackupGuard plugin backup type

For the record, the backup process can take a long time depending on the number of files and databases on your website.

After the backup is complete, you can restore it from the Backup Guard Dashboard. To do so, click on the button designated in the following image.

BackupGuard plugin backup restore button

How to Automatically Backup WordPress to Dropbox

The steps we discussed in the previous section are manual methods. To do this automatically, click Schedule on the Dashboard of Backup Guard. Then, click on the button designated in the image below to turn on the automatic periodic backup feature.

Schedule BackupGuard plugin backups

Specify the name of the backup, the interval, and check the checkbox Upload to cloud. If so, click Save. This will automatically backup your WordPress site’s files and databases. Easy, right?

3+ Benefits of Dropbox for you

The use of Dropbox is not only for online storage of personal files. Apart from backing up your WordPress website, here are some useful Dropbox functions for site managers.

1. Can be accessed anywhere

As previously mentioned, you can access Dropbox storage on a variety of devices. Currently a service application online storage This can be downloaded on various operating systems, both PC and mobile.

What’s more, you can still access your Dropbox account via the site. This way, you can access your backup files anytime and anywhere.

2. Account Security is maintained

Of course, you don’t want your website backup to be accessed by unwanted parties. Luckily, Dropbox uses 256-bit file encryption so that users’ storage can’t be compromised.

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In addition, data traffic when uploading or downloading files is secured by secure socket lining (SSL) to prevent information theft.

Not only that, you can also activate a two-factor authentication system so that your login is safe. To do this, integrate Dropbox with an authentication service of your choice, such as Google Authenticator and Authy.

3. Can be used for free

You don’t have to pay a penny to start using Dropbox. 2GB of storage quota is sufficient if your site is small and lacks many features.

4. File Recovery

With this online storage service, you don’t have to worry about accidentally deleting website backups. Dropbox has features data recovery which is useful for recovering deleted files. With a note, deleted files have not passed 30 days.

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Backup WordPress to Dropbox, Now!

That’s how to use Dropbox to backup your WordPress site. By following the steps we describe in this article, you can not only keep backups in Dropbox. However, you can also perform data backup automatically at set intervals.

Apart from data backup, there are other things you need to keep your website safe. Want to know more details? Please download the ebook 25 Effective Steps To Secure Your Website, It’s free!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments in the fields below.

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How to Use Dropbox and Its Benefits to Backup a Website

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