How to Start a Wedding Organizer Business, Recognize the Strengths and Weaknesses

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One business that has great potential that is very profitable is a wedding organizer. Surely everyone wants a festive wedding party because this of course only wants to be done once in a lifetime. In addition, this business does not need to require a lot of capital or large enough.

To start a business or wedding organizer business, you need to know some strategies, of course, so that your business will be more successful. This is a strategy or way to start a wedding organizer business.

Starting a Wedding Organizer Business Introduction Ex (1)

Knowing the Ins and Outs of a Wedding Organizer

When you start a business, you must know the ins and outs and parts of things related to the business you want to run. When you choose a wedding organizer business, you must also know a lot of things related to a wedding organizer.

This serves so that you can understand the concept of a wedding organizer. You can do this by joining the wedding community. The reason is, by joining the wedding community, you can get various inspirations and references to interesting wedding concepts. In addition, you can also increase your knowledge regarding wedding organizers.

Collaborating with Other Business Owners in the Wedding

The second way that you can do is to collaborate with other business owners who are both involved in the wedding business. Some wedding businesses that you can invite to collaborate include decorations or venues, make-up, catering, entertainment or sound systems, and others that you usually need for wedding events.

By collaborating with some of these business vendors, you can minimize your capital and the opportunity to get clients is also getting bigger, especially for those of you who have just started this wedding organizer business.

Recruiting a Solid Core Team and Employees

You also really need to think about this method when starting a wedding organizer business. You are required to have a core team to help you in doing everything. In addition, you must also have employees. The employees referred to here are freelancer employees as additional helpers for you to run this business.

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The function of this freelancer is to help you during the wedding. This is important because with this you can save on employee costs, because in Indonesia alone weddings are events that can be said to be seasonal.

If you have difficulty finding additional employees, maybe you can invite students or people who are unemployed just to work during the wedding.

Turning Your Business Into a Creative Business

You can run this one tip in a way that is oriented to your customer satisfaction. Make sure the wedding organizer business that you run has three main pillars in the wedding organizer business. Among them are that you must always follow trends, wedding concepts that are very creative and interesting, of course, you also have to make sure your customers are satisfied.

This is because this moment is very important for them, and has entrusted everything to the wedding organizer that you manage.

One of the strong reasons that customer satisfaction is very important, if customers are satisfied they will definitely recommend your services to their friends or closest people. In addition, these 3 pillars or 3 things can guarantee your reputation in this business is always good and leading.

Well, those are some ways or strategies when you choose a wedding organizer business. However, in doing various businesses there must be advantages and disadvantages. For that you must be prepared to face all the possibilities that lie ahead and take into account carefully every step you take. Here are the advantages and disadvantages if you choose a wedding organizer business.

Advantages of Wedding Organizer Business

The advantages of the wedding organizer business are actually quite good and large. There are many advantages and potential of being a wedding organizer. Be it in terms of business or in terms of self-development. Some of the advantages of a wedding organizer business are;

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As a wedding organizer, you can work for an event planning company or you can decide to become an independent contractor. What must be prepared as a wedding organizer is a strong plan.

If you choose to be self-employed, you can apply a flat rate for your services or you can decide a percentage of the total wedding expenses. This means that you are the one who determines for yourself what you earn and how you will carry and run your business in the future.

  • Get Free Food and Travel

You can imagine if you get a job far away or get a customer who wants the party to be held out of town. Surely this is an opportunity for you to go around without having to spend a lot of money. Because all the costs must have been listed in your operating costs section. You can even participate in planning the menu with the bride and groom.

  • A Business With a Future

One of the best parts of the wedding planner business is that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The more the bride and groom are stressed in preparing for their wedding, there you can enter and take advantage of it. Because the purchased items can also be used many times, maybe this wedding organizer business can guarantee your future.

  • Doesn’t Require Much Training

While some wedding organizers have degrees in communications, business, or a similar field, many have only a high school diploma. Because to be successful in the field of wedding planning, you don’t need to depend on how high or how much education or training you take.

Instead, it relies on your organizational and social skills and experience. The wider your association, the greater your chances of getting customers from any direction.

Lack of Wedding Organizer Business

In addition to its many advantages, this wedding organizer business turns out to have drawbacks which of course you have to really consider whether or not this business is suitable for you. Here are some of the weaknesses of the wedding planner business;

  • Long and Irregular Working Hours
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One of the drawbacks of the wedding organizer business is the problem of working hours. Because planning a wedding is definitely not an easy job. You must be ready at all times to accompany the bride and groom such as choosing a dress, tasting cake, and much more.

As the day draws near to the wedding, this may be more time consuming. You might be able to spend a few hours or a few nights setting up the decorations or other touches and making sure everything goes smoothly the next day at the party.

Intense market competition is also a drawback of this wedding organizer business. Especially for those of you who are just starting out, you will certainly find it difficult especially in getting customers.

Sometimes the bride and groom want a lot of evidence or testimonials from the wedding that you arranged before, so that it will be used as a reference for them to choose what concept they want to use. So, you have to be smart to distinguish yourself from the many wedding organizers out there.

  • High Work Pressure

Sometimes there are problems that arise even though it has been carefully planned. For example, a torn dress or other impromptu problem that allows you to think twice about dealing with it. Because of course they will rely on you to handle everything. So, every slightest mistake will definitely be considered big sometimes for the bride and groom.

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Hopefully some of the reviews above can help you in determining what kind of wedding organizer business you want.

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