Hino Terus Kembangkan Mesin Berstandar Euro 4

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JAKARTA – Starting in 2022, the Government will apply the Euro 4 emission standard for diesel vehicles. Hino Motors, as a diesel-engined commercial vehicle manufacturer, is ready to welcome the Euro 4 era.

Common rail technology is the main key to making vehicle exhaust emissions meet Euro 4 standards. And Hino Motors is no stranger to this technology because it became the first commercial vehicle manufacturer to develop it in 1995.

Currently, Hino Indonesia exports Completely Build Up (CBU) vehicles for the commercial truck and bus (Light Duty) category from 2010 to the present, with trucks exported to various countries in ASEAN and Latin America. Especially to countries with Euro 4 emission standards with common rail engines to the Philippines and Vietnam.

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“In the current Hino Road to Euro4 phase, we have carried out various vehicle developments as a major bus and truck player in Indonesia. This is to ensure readiness for the implementation of Euro 4 emission standards next year, “said Masato Uchida, President Director of PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia (HMSI).

Hino Indonesia itself has introduced common rail engine technology since 2012. Currently, several models of Hino trucks and buses with common rail engines have become the mainstay of business people in Indonesia such as the Hino Ranger FM 285 JD for dumps, Ranger FL 245 JN and FM 350 TH for cargo. and Hino bus RN 285.

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These vehicles already use a fuel pressure accumulator system called the common rail. that is, fuel is sprayed into the combustion chamber by an electronically controlled injector. The injector action determines the amount and time of fuel to be sprayed which is regulated by the engine computer or ECU. So that this combination is used to improve the work of diesel engines today.

The common rail injection engine allows for better emission control and fuel and power consumption. In other words, engines with common rail technology can provide more power to the vehicle and consume less fuel and produce less emissions for which the Common Rail engine becomes more economical.

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The Hino Common Rail engine has various advantages such as the Hino Common Rail fuel supply system has 3x fuel filtering, this protects the engine from fuel contamination. In addition, the injectors use Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) which makes the durability of the injectors very well resistant to friction.

Common rail systems generally contribute to lower exhaust emissions and are environmentally friendly because combustion is more complete because the settings for injection, time, amount and pressure can be adjusted to make emissions much lower. ##

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