Here’s How to Overcome Err_Connection_Refused in FileZilla


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Problem err_connection_refused appears when a connection made from FileZilla is rejected by the server. This error can be caused by several things such as a problem with the firewall or antivirus or configuration errors with FileZilla.

The connection refused solution can also be different depending on the cause of the error. What are the solutions and how to fix them, huh?

This article provides a how-to tutorial err_connection_refused in FileZilla. Come on, see in full!

How to Overcome the Connection Refused FileZilla

We provide five solutions err_connection_refused in FileZilla, namely:

  1. Disable Firewall and Antivirus
  2. Changing the FTP Port from 21 to 22
  3. Changing FileZilla Network Configuration Wizard Settings
  4. Using the FTP Hostname
  5. Checking the Number of Users Who Are Using the Connection

Well, here is the complete guide on how to deal with a connection refused!

Method 1: Disable Firewall and Antivirus

The firewall and antivirus on your computer can block FileZilla from establishing a connection. This is one of the possible causes of a connection refused error.

But take it easy, you can solve it by disabling the firewall and antivirus on your computer. For Windows users, you can do the following:

First, go to the control panel menu by typing Control panel in your windows search bar.

Second, select the menu System and security and click Windows Defender firewall.

Third, on the left menu, find an option Turn Windows Defender on or off.

Fourth, modify the settings to turn off Windows Defender firewall both for public and private networks. Click good.

If err_connection_refused what you are experiencing is caused by a firewall and antivirus that blocks FileZilla, now try to connect again, the connection refused error should be resolved.

So, if you have more than 1 antivirus on your computer, make sure to disable them all. You can visit the antivirus website that you are using to find out how to disable it.

Oh yes, disabling the firewall also applies to users MacOS too you know. You can disable Firewall by logging in System Preferences. Then find the menu Security & Privacy. Open tab Firewall and click Turn off the firewall.

As for users Linux, You can run below command to disable UFW Firewall.

$ sudo ufw disable

But keep in mind, a firewall that is active is a condition that is always recommended for normal use.

Method 2: Changing FTP Port From 21 to 22

Connection refused means there is a connection refusal problem. This could be because you are using the wrong port when connecting to a server with FileZilla. If the server requires or uses SFTP as a condition for the connection, you must change the FTP port from 21 to port 22.

To replace it you simply write down port 22 before executing the connection.

Note: Make sure to edit the Site Manager configuration and change the protocol to SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol if you are using port 22.

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Method 3: Changing FileZilla Network Configuration Wizard Settings

Time required: 2 minutes.

If the connection refused method in the previous method doesn’t work, you can try to check the network configuration via Network Configuration Wizard. This menu is used to configure a router or firewall appropriately.

  1. Access Network Configuration Wizard

    You can access Network Configuration Wizard on FileZilla Client by clicking the menu Edit, then select Network Configuration Wizard as shown below.

    Next, you will see a dialog appear Settings Firewalls and Routers. You can immediately click the button Continue in the first window that appears.
  2. Transfer Mode Configuration

    select Passive as the recommended default transfer mode. Don’t forget to do checklist on Allow fallback to another transfer mode if it fails, then click Continue.

  3. Passive Mode Configuration

    In the passive mode configuration section, please select Use the server’s external IP address instead, then click Continue.

  4. External IP address configuration

    Next, you will see the External IP address configuration window. In this section, you can choose Get an external IP address from the following URL:

    If the column contains no contents, please enter the default value, namely

    If the configuration is like the image above, click Continue to continue to the next step.

  5. Port Range Configuration

    You don’t need to make any changes to the Port Range configuration. Just choose according to the default, namely Request an operating system port, because you are not required to use the port specifically. Then click the button Continue.

  6. Configuration Test

    If you have followed the five steps above, now you just need to make sure all the configuration is working properly and correctly. The trick, click the button Test to check.

    FileZilla will try to connect to it and do some simple tests. If you don’t receive any errors during the test, try connecting to your hosting again. Your connection should be well connected.

If you keep getting error_connection_refused, You can contact your hosting service’s Customer Support for troubleshooting guidance.

Method 4: Using FTP Hostname

Sometimes errors can occur due to incorrect hostname writing. You can change the hostname by adding ftp. in front of the FTP Hostname so that the connection can be connected.

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For example, your domain address is websiteperc Please add ftp. in front of him so that it becomes ftp.websiteperc

Method 5: Checking the Number of Users Who Are Using the Connection

If the previous four methods have not managed to solve the err_connection_refused problem, you can try to check the number of users currently using the connection and disconnect them. However, to follow this method, you need to make sure that the hosting service you are using supports the feature FTP connection.

FTP server limits the number of active users at the same time. When the connection is full, new users will not be able to establish a connection and will get an error message.

In this case, the new user has to wait until another user leaves the connection. This is done to prevent excessive resource use (usually occurs in shared hosting).

You can check the number of users who are currently connecting via cPanel. Just sign in (join) just go to cPanel then navigate to FTP connection.On features FTP connection, You will see the same number of users currently on the FTP connection that you have. You can also disconnect through that page.

Are you ready to solve Err_Connection_Refused?

You have learned how to cope err_connection_refused in FileZilla using 5 methods that you can try depending on the cause of the error, namely:

  • Firewalls and antivirus block FileZilla connections, then disable both the firewall and the antivirus on your computer for a while.
  • Using the wrong port when establishing a connection, then replace FTP port (21) with the default SFTP port (22).
  • Configuration error in FileZilla Client, then edit the FileZilla configuration via the Network Configuration Wizard
  • Hostname writing error, then change the hostname by adding ftp. at the beginning of your hostname.
  • Too many users are using the connection, then disconnect the user who is using the same FTP connection as you.

You can try one solution at a time to find the one that works best. Hopefully this article can help solve the problem you are experiencing. If you have other solutions, feel free to Share your solution in the comments column.

For you service users Niagahoster who are still having trouble, you can contact Customer Success Agent we are ready to help you 24 hours

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