Find out 5 Ways to Research Products for Selling Online

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Do you want your online products to sell well? You are obliged to get to know the battlefield of business by doing product research. So, you can find out whether your product has many competitors or the price of the product offered is competitive enough to attract consumers.

But, how do you research the product?

Relax, we have summarized online product research methods that you can try. Come see the full explanation below.

What is Product Research and Why is it Important for Online Business?

Product research is the process of finding information about a business product, both in terms of price, quality and competition. The goal, you can know which products to sell, as well as the best way to sell and develop these products.

If described further, product research is carried out to find out the following three things:

  1. The potential marketability of your product or service.
  2. Similar business competitors
  3. The best way to develop your products and services.

Is it important to do product research for an online business? Very important. Using the information you gather from product research, you can craft an effective sales strategy.

With good product research, you will avoid losses. Because, you will better understand the needs of consumers so that they sell the products they need. In addition, you also understand better how you have to compete with other sellers.

For example, suppose you want to sell masks. You can check first whether the trend of selling masks online is high enough. With this product research, you will know whether consumers need masks or not.

Furthermore, you will even know which types of masks are most in demand. Complete with a price range, target market, and what kind of advertising content can be used to attract consumers later.

How to Research Products for Online Sales

After knowing the importance of product research for your online business, it’s time for you to know how to do good product research. No need to worry, it’s easy! The tools you will use are all free.

Ways to research products to sell online include:

  1. Using Google Trends
  2. Survey on Popular Marketplace
  3. Using Google Keyword Planner
  4. See Product Reviews from Consumers
  5. Conducting a Survey with a Questionnaire

The following is a detailed explanation of how to research products for selling online:

1. Using Google Trends

Product research using Google Trend tools

The first way to research products is to take advantage of Google Trends, a tool that shows how often a topic is searched for on Google.

Well, because Google itself is the search engine that dominates with over 92% of searches around the world, your research results will certainly be much more precise.

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Google Trend is equipped with various features that make it easy for you to search and study a topic. Starting from the location, time range, category, to the type of search. You can use this to find out the popularity of the product you want to sell according to your target market.

The method is very easy. You just need to enter the keywords you want to know on search field Google Trend as follows:

Examples of using Google Trends to determine consumer search trends

The example above shows the trend of searching for sports equipment in Indonesia within one year.

From this product research, you will know the trends in market demand. As can be seen, at the beginning of the year, the graph tends to increase. That means sports equipment is in great demand for people in that time span.

This data can be a provision for designing your strategy in boosting product sales at that ideal time.

Not only that, Google Trend can also display sports equipment related products in the column Related Queries. In this example, the results are both a Kettler station and a Kettler station.

One of the results shown by a search on Google Trends

In fact, the Kettler brand searches are surprisingly high at up to 400% when using the option Increase or increased search frequency. This can be your inspiration to sell the product.

You can also change options ‘Increase’ to ‘Peak’, that is, the most popular search of all time. This way, you become more aware of trends over a longer timeframe. For example, you know that there is a trend for another bicycle brand, Berwyn.

Looking for the possibility of similar products to support the product research being carried out.

If you are confused about choosing between two products, Google Trend also gives you the option to make comparisons through columns Comparing as follows:

The compare feature on Google Trend is to help product research efforts.

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2. Surveys on Popular Marketplaces

The next method of product research is to survey products that are in demand in various marketplaces.

Say, you want to research products on Shopee. First, you open the Shopee website via a browser or an application on your cellphone. On the main Shopee page, you can find the column Popular Search and Best Selling Products.

Example of product research using popular searches on the marketplace

Well, it turns out that in part Popular Search, health masks are still one of the most sought after products. Then in parts Best Selling Products, fashion products that are the most purchased from Shopee at this time.

With just this brief product research, you can consider selling masks and fashion products in starting your business according to consumer demand trends.

However, because of the results Popular Search and Best Selling Products will change from time to time, you need to follow the developments first before actually getting into the business.

Another story, if you already have an idea for a product to be marketed. The product research you need to do is look at the best-selling products in that niche.

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For example, suppose you want to sell a “stationary bike” product. The trick, just type in these keywords search field, Then on the column Sort, select Bestseller.

Examples of finding the best selling products on the marketplace

You can see that the best selling stationary bikes on Shopee are the types Static Bike Excercise Belt Bike Twen BB379. This product has sold more than 200 units per month.

This can be a consideration for you to sell this type of product because of the promising sales level

You can still continue product research in the marketplace as needed. For example, you only want to sell products in your city, then use it Filter it Location. And, apply various filters such as Payment Methods, Promotion Programs and more to understand product trends more fully

3. Using Google Keyword Planner

Another product from Google that you can use in product research is Keyword Planner. With this tool, you can get information about:

  • Potential keyword ideas derived from Google user searches
  • The volume of certain keywords that indicate interest in a product
  • Estimated keyword performance, number of clicks, which can be considered in choosing the product

To do this, you can simply type in the keyword for the product you want to sell on search field. For example, you type watches, then press Enter.

Set products using Google Keyword Planner

From the results that appear, it turns out that the keyword watch is searched for 10 thousand – 100 thousand times a month. In addition, Google Keyword Planner also displays a series of other related searches such as men’s watches, women’s watches, to Rolex watches.

From this product research, you can consider whether to sell watch products and what kind of products to sell.

Google Keyword Planner feature called Refine Keyword

From the same page, you can do keyword filtering in the feature Filter Keywords in order to get more specific results.

For example, you can specify whether to include a brand in that search. If not, uncheck Brand or Non Brand, Gender, and Others.

4. See Product Reviews from Consumers

Usually, products that have high sales or are trending will be widely reviewed by consumers. You can use this to do product research.

By looking at reviews, you will get information on the quality of a product according to user reviews. You can compare buyers’ testimonials with the ad descriptions made by the seller.

This kind of product research step is especially suitable for those of you who intend to become a reseller of certain products. So you can decide whether a product is worth selling as part of your business

However, product research through reviews can also be a means of finding the advantages and disadvantages of competitors’ products for those of you who create their own products. With the information you get, you can strategize how to make your product better than competitors’.

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For example, you researched a smartwatch product that is currently popular in a marketplace and found that the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has been reviewed 11.7 thousand times.

Examples of product reviews provided by consumers.

If your business niche is electronic products or gadgets, you might consider selling these products.

However, it’s a good idea to also do product research by looking at reviews on various platforms such as YouTube, blogs, and others

5. Conducting a Survey with a Questionnaire

Another way you can do product research is a survey using a questionnaire. Unlike the product research that has been previously reviewed, this method is a form of a direct approach to consumers so that they can get more detailed and in-depth information.

The key to product research with a questionnaire is to give the right questions to respondents who are in line with your business target market. Whether you are about to release a new product or to find out the performance of your business brand in the eyes of consumers.

Say if you have a computer accessories business, then the following questions you can use in the questionnaire:

  1. How often do you use our products?
  2. What features do you like best about our products?
  3. What are the advantages of our products over competitors?
  4. What features does our product lack?
  5. Are our products worth recommending to your environment?
  6. How can we improve our product to suit your needs?

To get the customer response you need, develop in-depth questions. Then you can process the information that has been obtained into a strategy to increase product sales.

Want to Sell Online? Let’s Do Product Research First

In order for your online sales to be successful, you must understand the products or services that consumers need and are interested in. One way is to do product research.

There are several ways of product research that you can do according to your type of business and product development goals.

Now, after doing product research in the ways that have been reviewed in this article, you can better develop your online sales. Of course, by using a website that can be accessed 24 hours, yes.

This is information about product research for your business. So, if you want to know how to increase sales better, we have tips for doing it through the website. We have summarized all of this information in an ebook that you can use download for free. Hopefully this is useful, yes !.

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