Recommended Forex Brokers Registered with CoFTRA

When going to do forex trading , a broker is needed to help the process. There are many choices of brokers for forex trading and it is often confusing.

Recommended Forex Brokers Registered with CoFTRA
Recommended Forex Brokers Registered with CoFTRA

Recommended Forex Brokers Registered with CoFTRATo make it easier to choose, pay attention to the list of forex brokers registered with CoFTRA as reference material.

If you already know what the broker is and what the specifications are, then the selection process will be easy.

Recommended Forex Brokers Registered with CoFTRA

In addition, the security element will be maintained because it has been included in the CoFTRA list. For more details, see the following list:


The first broker to choose from is OCTA.ID which is under the auspices of Octa Investama Futures. This broker used to have the name Multi Mulia Investama Futures until it finally changed its name in 2019. So it is natural that many are not familiar with the new name.

OCTA.ID has been registered with CoFTRA since 2013. This proves that this broker has been safe for a long time and has been trusted by many parties. Not only because of the security element, this broker also has many services that can help the trading process.

In addition to the menu for trading, this broker also helps novice traders with a variety of additional information. The appearance of the broker is also easy to understand and not confusing. Thus, novice traders will easily understand it.

2. HSB Investment

HSB Investments is also included in the list of forex brokers registered with CoFTRA that are highly recommended. When viewed based on the level of popularity, HSB Investment is included in the popular group and is often used by many groups.

This number of users is because HSB Investasi provides a very complete service. One class of services that attracts attention is the demo account service. By utilizing this account, novice traders can learn to trade for free.

Through this service, traders can also adapt to HSB Investments before finally trading for real. Not only that, HSB Investasi has also provided data transparency. Thus, traders' funds will not be mixed with company funds.


Another option that can also be used is MIFX or commonly known as Monex Investindo Futures. Judging from its age, MIFX is quite old because it was founded about 20 years ago. However, this broker is still able to compete until now.

If you take advantage of this broker, the trader will be given the main service in the form of providing spreads starting from 0. Thus, it will be easier for traders to get a lot of profits. But that's not all, MIFX also provides other interesting services.

The interesting service in question is a very fast transaction process. If normally the broker will process withdrawals and other transactions the next day, but with MIFX this will be different. The management process will be carried out on the same day so that profits can be obtained faster.

4. GKInvest

PT Global Kapital Investama Futures also oversees all brokers who are better known as GKInvest. This broker is also classified as having been registered with CoFTRA for a long time, namely since 2005. Thus, the experience of this broker cannot be doubted.

By utilizing this broker, traders will also receive free training to increase their skills. Because it is free, traders will not be burdened and can continue to grow until they can trade with higher quality.

5. TPF

PT Trijaya Pratama Futures is also included in the list of forex brokers registered with CoFTRA with all its advantages. The experience of this one broker also does not need to be doubted or questioned again. This aspect is because TPF has been registered with CoFTRA since 2004.

The distribution of TPF offices is also quite comprehensive to various regions of Indonesia. With the spread of this office, traders will be facilitated for various management processes. This also proves that TPF is able to reach more traders.

6. Finex

The sixth option that is no less safe to use is Finex. It is not only CoFTRA that guarantees the security of Finex, but KBI also does it. Thus, we can be sure that Finex is very safe and secure.

The registration process at this broker is also quite easy. The financing aspect is also very minimal so it will not burden the trader. With these many advantages, it is not surprising that Finex is the choice of many parties.

7. Asia Trade

The last recommended broker is Asia Trade which is sheltered by PT Asia Trade Point FuturesNot only providing services for trading, this broker also presents a lot of educational content that has been clarified.

With this educational content, novice traders can learn and explore all the material well. Not only that, the Asia Trade platform is also very easy to use. So ordinary traders can understand it easily.

Those are the details of the list of forex brokers registered with CoFTRA to be used. Each broker already has their own specifications and conditions. Therefore, make sure to understand all the categories and make comparisons in order to find the best.

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