Maintaining Facial Cleanliness Properly

Use Warm Water. Forget about the myth that warm water can open pores, because that's not true.

Maintaining Facial Cleanliness Properly
Maintaining Facial Cleanliness Properly (illustration)
The proper way to wash your face is to use warm water and mild soap. Using water with extreme temperatures can irritate the skin.

Facial hygiene starts with removing make-up to excess oil. Many questions about cleaning your face like when you are at home all day, do you need to clean your face? Cleaning the face still has to be done every day regardless of skin type, skin texture, activity or condition at that time.

The Right Way to Clean Your Face

How to clean or wash your face has an important role in maintaining healthy skin and appearance. Here are some tips to help keep your face healthy

  • Use a cleaning product that is gentle and does not contain alcohol and is suitable for skin type.
  • Wash your face using warm water and use your fingers to apply facial soap. Avoid using washcloths, sponges or other objects because there is a high risk of irritating the skin
  • Avoid scrubbing your face as it can irritate the skin
  • Rinse with warm water and dry with a soft towel
  • Apply a moisturizer afterwards if your skin feels dry. Apply gently when applying cream, especially around the eyes.
  • Limit washing your face, which is twice a day and after sweating. Washing your face is mandatory in the morning and evening, and after sweating.

Steps That Are Allowed When Cleaning Your Face

Some of the steps that are allowed or even required to keep your face clean:
  • Remove Makeup Properly. Use a product to remove makeup to begin the cleansing step. Removing make-up on your face can prevent clogged pores. If necessary use two steps to prevent clogged pores. The second step after removing makeup is removing excess oil and dirt that has stuck to the skin. For the eyes, avoid rubbing but only pressing. This is because the skin in the eye area is very delicate.
  • Use Warm Water. Forget about the myth that warm water can open pores, because that's not true. The truth is that the skin will be easily irritated when the water used is at extreme temperatures.
  • Use micellar water. Of course, you've often heard about micellar water, right? Micellar water contains molecules that can stick to makeup and remove it.
  • Use a Soft Towel. When drying your face, use a soft, clean towel. Make a patting motion and avoid rubbing the towel against your face.
  • Use Toner. Toner is not a step to washing your face. However, toner plays a role in rebalancing the skin. Toner is a lightweight liquid formula that can be used to reset the pH so that it can protect the skin from bacteria.

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