Creating a Freelance Copywriting Website

Developing a freelance copywriting website to market yourself and your copywriting services is very important in drawing possible clients. It can also be one of the most demanding copywriting preparations you’ll ever deal with.

Creating a Freelance Copywriting Website
Creating a Freelance Copywriting Website

BACA.NEWS - These regular sections can help you to build your website that will reveal to your possible clients you’re the copywriter they’re looking for.  This article is a continuation of the previous article entitled  Copywriting Services for Your Website

Home Page

This is your introductory page to possible clients. It is also the first chance of persuading your clients. If your writing in the home page is terrible, there is little chance that you can sell yourself. If you cannot even sell your services, your clients will never entrust projects with you. 

Your pictures with your family are great, for family albums. Keep your copywriting website professional. You can include photos, but they should be elegant, or at least suggest professionalism. It could be your picture with your computer, but be sure to make it professional-looking. 

You can also write a short introduction that can persuade your clients that they have visited the best freelance website. Your website is your best advertising campaign and you must make this site marketable with a strong style that makes them want to browse your website further. 


Copywriters should have a portfolio, or you would leave your clients in guessing what kind of service you can offer, and most of them do not like the idea of guessing. 

So, make a portfolio from previous projects or if you are just starting, create some. Even the best website effects and flashy contents will not give you the advantage, except of course if they are looking for website developers. But if your mainstream is copywriting, give them the privilege of examining your caliber. 


If you include charge rates on your site, it is great to reveal a wide range that can guide your clients. You can also add some content to your pricing page that will show your rates are flexible because not all projects are alike. 

Only after you have made contact with the clients can you give them the rates that you think are reasonable 


Any bonus you are willing to give can be integrated on the bonus page. If you allow any after the mailing, you should also ensure that your sign-up page is accessible on every page of your website so you can have the edge for most subscribers. 

You should remember that freebies are not for every client that visits your website. If you are willing to give a weekly newsletter or updated blogs, and you have not attained it, you will start lowering your credibility among your clients.

You should only offer bonuses if you are certain you’ll be able to put the task in making them, even if they do not yield added sales. You can also read the article entitled Free Millions Asian People Photos To beautify the appearance of your site.


Contents such as articles and blogs can aid in keeping you as an expert in the field you are writing. You do not have to get a perimeter on your subjects for advertising. 

For instance, if you are a freelance copywriter writing about healthcare, you may find a blog channel that covers this field will have advantage than a blog being a copywriter. Articles can also chase this trail as well to make you popular. 


This section is normally called “About.” It should reveal your credentials and experiences, or any relevant information on your copywriting services.