Best Weapon MMORGP Combination in New World

New World has experienced difficulties. As the game continues to develop, so does the choice of weapons. A character can carry any two weapons at a time, so naturally, there is a lot of debate among players about which combination is best.

Best Weapon MMORGP Combination in New World
Best Weapon MMORGP Combination in New World

New World has no occupations, so there are no restrictions on the weapons and equipment that players can equip, providing Aeternum adventurers with countless interesting choices. These weapons can be crafted by players and given as mission rewards. The easiest way is to buy New World Gold to trade to get them.

The combination of musket and rapier is one of the earliest and oldest combinations discovered and developed by players in New World. These weapons have been available since the Beta version, and despite some minor adjustments in the recent patch, they remain basically unchanged on Talent Trees.

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The attributes that determine the role of the character to use these weapon skills are based on Dexterity as the primary score and Intelligence as the secondary score, which simplifies the upgrade process. Players can spend New World Gold to do a simple upgrade.

Best Weapon MMORGP Combination in New World

Warhammer, Sword And Shield are weapons that players who value strength rather than intelligence can carry. This version gives up the ability to damage remotely, but this type of role is more about PvP and team-based content, such as Expeditions and Corrupted Invasions, so this is a fair deal. Like many ideal combinations, these two weapons share the same main Attribute score. Sword and shield proficiency also rely on Dexterity as a secondary Attribute score.

Life Staff is the only weapon that focuses on treatment and the only beneficiary of Focus Attribute Score. Therefore, the combination of Life Staff will become one of the more difficult to determine. However, high concentration skills also mean improved mana recovery and spell casting rate, so it makes sense to equip another magic item as a secondary weapon.

Void Gauntlet is the first weapon in the game that has both intelligence and concentration. Ice Gauntlet is also a fair choice, but the weapon is more about CC than DPS, and only uses Intelligence as its key attribute, so the choice depends entirely on the unique construction of the character. So players can choose the build that suits them according to their needs and spend New World Gold.

Players always hope that they can have an advantage over other players. Besides choosing a suitable weapon combination, there are many things to pay attention to. Players can check the guide and buy New World Gold at IGGM.

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