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Earn income by displaying high-quality ads on your site.

Jetpack allows integration of WordAds — a unique ad program from — as a one-click feature designed to help you generate income from your WordPress site. We provide more than just high-quality ads: we’ve also determined the best placements to guarantee the highest revenue and most reliable compatibility across most WordPress themes. Our experience is based on working with tens of thousands of users over the years.

Activating WordAds

WordAds is available to anyone who has purchased the Jetpack Security or Complete Plan — no approval process required. Once you’ve purchased the plan, activate the feature in your dashboard under Tools → Marketing → Traffic. You’ll start seeing ads on your site right away, and can tweak ad placement settings and view your earnings on

Note: If your WordAds application was previously approved on a Jetpack free plan, you may continue using WordAds. However, new applications will require a Jetpack Security or Complete plan.