Buy Quester Trucks, 3 Years Lots Of Free


JAKARTA – In welcoming the month of Ramadan 1442 H, Astra UD Trucks again presents a Total Solution Package program, namely the ‘Super Package’. This program will be launched starting April 8, 2021 and is valid in all Astra UD Trucks branches.

In this program, Astra UD Trucks will provide the best truck sales package ever in the truck industry in Indonesia. The package offered by Astra UD Trucks this time is different from the previous sales package which only provided routine maintenance services and parts. This ‘Super Package’ provides a total free package of parts, oil and services for 3 years or 120,000 km, except for tires, body parts and accidents.

This program applies to every purchase of Quester type CKE 250, CDE 250, CDE 280, GKE 280, GWE 280 and GWE 330 units according to unit availability. In addition, the privilege offered by this program is the ease of servicing and replacement of spare parts that can be done at any Astra UD Trucks branch.

“Customer trust is very large, making Astra UD Trucks remain optimistic in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic situation. For that, we present a 3-year Total Part, Oil and Service Free Package program for every Quester purchase. This program is a manifestation of Astra UD Trucks’ mission, to provide total solutions to customers for the success and smooth running of their business. So our customers can focus more on their business and not be burdened by costs and business parts and services, ”said Winarto Martono as Chief Executive of Astra UD Trucks.

Customers can get more information about the ‘Super Package’ program via Live chat which can be accessed from the website, Social media for Astra UD Care or Astra UD Trucks and visit the nearest Astra UD Trucks branch. ##